Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Everyday, it feels like the world is about to fall apart. 

You’re worried about your family, your friends, your lover. Are they okay? Will they get sick? Are they mad at you? You haven’t heard from them in a while – that’s not like them – what did you do wrong? 

You’re worried about your job, the stress it causes you, your boss or coworkers or employees. What are they thinking? Should you have said that thing you did the other day? What if they’re secretly still angry about that time you cut them off at the meeting?

How else are things falling apart? What are you going to do to fix all this? You feel like you MUST have done something wrong, it’s just that your racing mind can’t quite decide what… unless it’s everything.

If you stop, take a deep breath, and really think rationally about things… the truth is you actually have it all together fairly well. You’re a responsible adult and are successful in many ways. Intellectually, you know this.

But you feel like it’s all about to fall apart. 

Your worries keep you up at night, unable to sleep, tossing and turning as every worst case scenario races through your mind at warp speed. You’re irritable – of course you are. Who wouldn’t be? You can’t sleep and you’re consumed with all the most awful possible outcomes. 

You may even find yourself sweating and trembling.

If this describes you… Wouldn’t it be nice if it didn’t feel this way anymore? 

Could you imagine how great it would feel to no longer have these racing thoughts going through your brain? How much less irritable would you be if you could actually get a good night’s sleep that doesn’t involve catastrophizing every action and interaction you had that day?

I’m Dr Belinda Barnett. I’ve dedicated my entire adult life to helping people going through the same challenges you are. I worked with the Veterans Administration for over eighteen years on some of the most difficult cases there are. I understand how hard feeling like this can be… 

And I can help. 

I can teach you techniques that can help you quiet your mind and stop the racing thoughts from tearing through your consciousness. I can help you set reasonable goals and provide you the accountability and encouragement to help you meet them. 

I can help you live a life you’ve dreamed of.

All you have to do now is take that first step of contacting me. I offer a free, no obligation initial consultation where you can get to know me a little bit. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I can’t wait to work with you.